Pam Linton has been described as “Hollywood Down Home.” She has the style of a celebrity superstar and yet the friendly qualities of the girl next door. Pam grew up in St. Stephen, Minnesota where she began singing and playing guitar with her younger sister while still in grade school. The girls were mentored by their piano playing Aunt Betty Jeanne who taught them all the great Pop, and Country standards from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Those songs easily lent themselves to the close harmonies of these sweet young ladies who were soon in demand for personal appearances throughout central Minnesota.
In 1972 Pam’s parents took their pair of singing daughters to see popular entertainer Sherwin Linton when he appeared in their area. In 1980 Linton again performed in the area and hearing of the girls talents he invited “Patti and Pam” to perform with him. The girls were still in high school, so their parents were soon taking them on long weekend trips throughout the five state area to appear with Sherwin. “Patti and Pam” became full time members of the Sherwin Linton Show in 1982 and gained recognition from Nashville to Las Vegas and throughout the mid-west. In 1988 Sherwin and Pam were married. Since that time Pam has had two goals, to be a partner to Sherwin maintaining his show and business activities, and to continue to develop her own image and identity. In 1994 Sherwin and Pam recorded a duet album of Classic Western songs and Linton originals, “In A Nineteenth Century Lifetime.” Pam’s voice blended beautifully with Sherwin’s on duets, and she also appeared on various Western Music charts world wide with her recording of a song Sherwin penned especially for her, “Somewhere Between Deadwood & Laredo.” Pam’s exceptionally soulful vocals are evident on the 1996 CD “Driftwood On The River” which Sherwin produced in tribute to Folk Singer Jimmy Driftwood. The selections “Silver & Gold”, and the Marilyn Monroe movie theme “River Of No Return” earned Pam independent chart placement in Australia, The Netherlands, Slovenia, and The United States. Pam contributed several Folk and Gospel selections to the 2002 CD “The Last American Frontier Centennial”. Included in these is what is believed to be the only recorded version of the Country Music National Anthem, “Wildwood Flower” using the original lyrics written in 1860.
In addition to vocal contributions, Pam has expanded her recording interests to include set production and photography on many projects released on the Linton’s “Black Gold” label. Audiences are amazed by the “Big Voice” of this petite lady. Pam’s repertoire includes Traditional Country, Folk, Gospel, and Rock-N- Roll standards, and she can stop the show with her “Tribute To Tammy Wynette.” Pam’s talents extend far beyond music. Her creative side has been seen in beautiful Native American influenced wearable art jewelry using glass beads, tanned hides, feathers, quills, and semi precious stones. She is constantly working on costume imagery and sewing projects. Pam loves to cook and garden! As Sherwin says, “She’s always making things!” Pam was humbly surprised to receive a 2002 induction into the National Traditional Country Music Hall of Fame commending her dedication of thirty plus years to the preservation of “Music Americana.” She is to be highly congratulated.
In 2004 Pam released her first solo CD “Looking Back,” a collection of classic and original material. In celebration of her 2010 - 30th Anniversary with the Sherwin Linton Show Pam edited a souvenir cook book / picture book titled “I’m Cookin’."
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