1988 Sherwin Linton & Cats. Back Row: Lee Scherer, Rick Boehm,
Greg Buran.  Front Row: Sherwin & Pam.
This group was formed when Sherwin returned to Minneapolis. They Played
the Twin Cities, Mid-West, and Canadian hotel lounges for about two years.
Their musical format during this time was more Pop then Country. Can you 
believe Sherwin doing Billy Ocean, Phil Collins, Mick Jagger, Geo Harrison,
Rick Astley and even Midnight Oil? Pam was singing all Pop songs as well. 
Though it wasn't where their musical hearts were they were successful.
In 1988 Patti moved to Nashville.  She has joined the Lorrie Morgan show 
and now is known as Brittany Allyn. She also works as a songwriter.
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